Yogurt is a very popular ingredient used to make smoothies, but some people cannot take yogurt and other people who simply don’t like it.
Making smoothies without yogurt can be challenging, especially if you don’t are familiar with a lot of recipes.

The good news is that there are ways to make smoothies without yogurt and still get that consistency that yogurt is responsible for in smoothies.

Some of the different ways you can make an excellent blueberry smoothie without yogurt are discussed in this article.

Ingredients you can use in place of yogurt

If you want to make a blueberry smoothie without yogurt, there are few ingredients you can use instead. From milk to other fruits, and juices, you can get an excellent blueberry smoothie by using any of these ingredients.


Bananas are used to make ice creams and a lot of other smoothies. As a smoothie ingredient, bananas are very healthy fruits as they contain a lot of essential nutrients.

You should substitute banana for yogurt in your smoothie today and see how good it comes out. You can use a frozen banana to make the smoothie more interesting.


Some people just don’t like yogurt, and some cannot take yogurt or any dairy products for health reasons. If you belong to the first category of people, then you can use milk instead of yogurt to make your smoothie.

Also, there are different types of milk you can use, it all depends on which you prefer. If you are dairy-intolerant, avoid adding milk to your smoothie.


The truth is that juice will not give the same thickness that comes with yogurt. However, it is still a good option, and it comes out well when used.

You should try to use juice with ice cubes so that you can get a little thick consistency in your smoothie. Depending on what type you like most, choose from the many types of juice available.


Just like with using banana, you can use a mix of different fruits for your smoothie. So, get your favorite fruits and blend them with other ingredients to get a great smoothie.

This type of smoothie usually gives a delightful taste and tropical feeling.

Making Blueberry Smoothie without Yogurt

Smoothies are among the easiest things to prepare, plus they are very healthy. If you don’t know how to make a smoothie, all you have to do is follow the simple steps discussed below.

Typically, these are the ingredients you would need to make your smoothie:

  • 1 cup of blueberries
  • 1 tablespoon of honey
  • Sufficient quantity of whatever you are substituting for yogurt
  • Ice cubes
  • Prepare the ingredients and utensils

If you are using any fruit, makes sure you rinse the fruit properly. Then you need to get a suitable blender that will be able to blend the ingredients.

The next thing to do is to prepare the fruits; after you might have rinsed the fruits thoroughly, cut them into smaller sizes that will blend easily.

Put all the ingredients into the blender

It doesn’t matter what the component you are using is, it is essential that you put all the ingredients into the blender. Even if you are using milk or juice, put into the blender together with other ingredients.

However, you have to be careful with the quantity of ice you add; it is advisable that you add a little ice at first, then you can add more as you blend.

Blend the ingredients

Blend the ingredients until you get the proper consistency. It is at this point you can get whatever thickness you like.

If your smoothie is looking a little thin, you can add a little more fruit to make it thicker. You can also taste the smoothie as you blend to see if it meets your expectations, and you can add more ingredients depending on the taste.

Pour and serve

After blending, all you have to do is serve it right away. If you have any leftovers, you can freeze it, make sure that you put it in a freezer-safe container before putting it in the freezer.

Whenever you are ready to take it, bring it out of the fridge and leave it to thaw until it can be poured into a cup.


Smoothies are very healthy, and you have to use yogurt before you can make a great smoothie necessarily.

There are different types of smoothies, and blueberry is only one of the numerous types. You can also experiment with other ingredients to see how it will taste and whether you will like it or not.

Smoothies provide the opportunity to add several nutrients to your diet. You can even add some vegetables to your smoothie to get more vitamin and minerals


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